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The Well Balanced PEMF Therapy Way

Well Balanced PEMF Therapy was founded in 2023 on the belief that in today’s constantly changing world, dealing with avoidable pain just complicates life and steals our joy,  

The pharmaceutical companies answer to pain is more prescription drugs... but we found a better, easier and safer way!

For Humans and Animals, PEMF can make amazing differences in quality and enjoyment of life!

At Well Balanced PEMF Therapy, we work hard to offer personalized services with convenience and transparency. We understand the difficulty of juggling the demands of daily life, that’s why we’re committed to making the process affordable and convenient.

Meet The Team

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Bret & Sheli

Sampson & Piper

What Does PEMF Therapy Do?

Magnetic fields, specifically pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs), at the right intensity, frequency, and application duration can positively influence these cell signaling processes. This can have incredible benefits on the body, especially when the cells are not communicating effectively due to injury, age, illness, and stress. 

Research and clinical trials looking at the effects of magnets, electromagnetic fields, and PEMF on the body and cells have been ongoing since the early 20th century. The following are some landmark Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearances for PEMF:

  • 1979—Approved for treating non-union bone fractures and stimulating bone growth

  • 1998—Approved for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation

  • 2004—Cleared as adjunct to cervical fusion surgery

  • 2006—Approved for treatment in depression and anxiety

  • 2019—Cleared as adjunctive treatment of postoperative pain

Researchers have identified many of the cellular processes PEMFs influence1. The core mechanisms of action lead to:

  • Cell proliferation (i.e. multiplication) and collagen formation

  • Reduction of inflammation

  • Increase in circulation

  • Increase oxygenation of tissue

  • Pain reduction

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